There are a lot of common misconceptions regarding the towing industry since people don’t get professional roadside assistance or get their cars towed each day. You should know that most of these misconceptions are likely due to the frustration of people over getting towed due to illegal parking. But, instead of nuisances, you should consider towing services as guardian angles. In addition to that, they offer a variety of services that can really save you money and time.  

Here are several misconceptions about towing: 

It is overpriced 

Towing services are seldom overpriced. This is particularly true if it is offered by a complete professional towing service. These companies use the towing fees to cover the expenses of costly tow truck maintenance and operation. The cost is accounted for the amount of distance that the tow truck is going to travel. It also accounts how hard the recovery of the car is, measured by the risk associated with it.  

Towing Companies Only Provide Towing 

Aside from towing services, towing companies provide a lot of other useful services that can help car drivers. The services they offer include car lockout serves, jump-starting vehicles, changing tires, and much more. Furthermore, roadside assistance could mean a lot of various things. This is because there are a lot of various reasons for cars or other vehicles to get stranded in the first place.  

You Cannot Get Towed in a Rural Location 

Oftentimes, people assume that they cannot get towing service if they require it whenever you are in the middle of nowhere or in a rural area. However, a licensed towing company, such as the towing Montgomery AL,will be willing to travel to your location directly to offer you with convenient and simple solutions for your towing needs from the very second you call them.  

A Tow Truck Driver isn’t allowed to break into Your Vehicle 

If it is required to tow the car, a tow truck driver can break into your car. That is the reality.  

They Aren’t Open 24/7 

A lot of people think that almost every towing company is not open at night. Thus, they have to wait the next morning to tow. A lot of towing companies are available at night. Thus, waiting until tomorrow is not required. Almost every tow company will post a sign saying that they are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is best to save this company’s number. 

Only Call a Tow Company When There’s a Car Damage 

Aside from towing damaged cars, a lot of towing companies offer help. This is particularly true if you are stuck on the road. As we have mentioned earlier, this includes battery jump, gas services, and locksmith services.  

Tow Companies Will Not Tow Big Cars 

A tow company usually has two types of tow trucks. This includes a semi-truck and a standard tow truck built with flatbed services. These kinds of tow trucks can easily carry big cars. So, if you have a huge car, you don’t have to worry.